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About Us

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Amongst Liars are:

Ian George - vocals
Leo Burdett - guitar
Ross Towner - bass
James Brummeo - keys
Adam Oarton - drums

Hailing from Eastbourne and Brighton, Amongst Liars formed in late 2019. Playing a unique blend of modern rock, with influences from Shinedown, Audioslave, RATM, QOTSA, Royal Blood and BMTH, they released debut single 'Over & Over' in February 2020 and played one sell out show before the global pandemic hit.

Unpeturbed by this, 2020/1 saw the release of seven very successful singles and the writing of their self titled debut album, recorded in 2021 and released on 8th July 2022 to critical acclaim.

The band are known for their very fun, visual and energetic live performance and also their thought provoking lyrics reflecting modern life and issues such as mental health, fake news and government failings.

They have been played on Kerrang!, BBC  Introducing, Planet Rock and Primordial, amongst many other national and regional stations and won the Great Music Stories 'Band of the Year in 2021.

The completed a headline tour in late 2021, toured with Ayron Jones in 2022 and Theory of a Deadman in September 2023.

Their second album is due for release in March 2024


Track of the Week - Metal Hammer (The Shameful - August 2023)


Album of the Year 2022 - Great Music Stories


‘Album of the month!’ ‘Gravity defying. Here is a band writing some of the most strikingly relevant and urgent guitar music for a troubled age. A band that has unleashed one of the benchmark albums of 2022. This is Amongst Liars and this is game changing stuff.’

- Great Music Stories


‘High Hopes!’ ‘Full throttle, turbo-charged rock. Their debut album is riddled with gale-force stompers destined to unite crowds of raised fists, but it also introduces a band who want to be known for having something to say. There is a distinctive collation of nicely curated modern rock tropes.’ - Classic Rock Magazine


‘Amongst Liars deliver big tunes and harsh truths on striking self-titled debut.’ - Kerrang!


‘A band was created in 2019, which is now ready to become a pioneer of modern rock – Amongst Liars: The self-titled debut album of the British band is definitely a big step in this direction. The aggressive, powerful and groovy sounds are excellent. The quartet also creates a colourful, intrusive and expressive mixture of rock, punk and grunge, which ensures a good mood throughout. It is also remarkable how the musicians manage to build up a tremendous tension with the verses and then to let them explode completely by the refrain. With their debut album, they are now on the right track to make a name for themselves not just inside, but also outside their home country.’ - Metal Hammer DE


‘Amongst Liars could well be the next big thing! The kind of fire and ire that Rage Against The Machine would be proud of. Energetic and furious, making the old influences sound new and relevant, this is polemical music for this generation, and not before time. The old is dead, long live the new. 10/10’ - Musipedia of Metal


‘A high bar hit by Amongst Liars.’ - The Soundboard             


‘Easily take their place among the works of the greats. 8.5/10’ - Rzsdagyar


‘Amongst Liars set a very high bar with a hefty amount of fire and passion. This album won’t be fading from the memory anytime soon.’ 8.5/10 - GBHBL


 ‘Emotionally strong.’ - Powerplay Magazine


‘A great debut album from an impressive band.’ - Sussex World


‘An absolute banger that pokes it’s metaphorical head above the parapet of a genre oft filled with recycled riffs and cliches.’ - Noizze



‘Expect HUGE things!’ - ERB Magazine


‘AMONGST LIARS’ debut is an incredibly solid effort. This is a band who went into the process already knowing what their message is and how it should sound. That sense of identity is refreshing.’ ‘With an energy we can only compare to RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, there is nothing mealy mouthed to AMONGST LIARS and their approach.’ ‘This is a band in every sense of the word; a unit which works better together and supports each individual element without pushing one or the other to the forefront. 8/10’

- Distorted Sound


‘The band have delivered a collection of empowering ‘call-to-arms’ anthems that lob the big riffs of early Royal Blood into the dynamically political mosh pit of RATM.’ ‘Amongst Liars’ strength lies in infusing the aggression with melody and velcro-like choruses. 4/5’

- Metal Epidemic


‘I had no idea what to expect heading into this. Fuck was I impressed. It’s heavy indie/QOTSA sort of vibes, combining heavy, fuzzy riffs with infectiously catchy radio-rock. From opening track ‘Cut It’ the band had me hooked and I listened to the full album in one sitting. It’s not often I do that on this series, especially with a smaller band. The band even channel some Placebo influence in there at times, another band I’m a huge fan of! For a debut album this is off the charts impressive, and I cannot wait to hear what the band do from here! 8/10’ - Overtone Magazine


‘With this debut, Amongst Liars begin a robust and creative process, a winding path full of interesting ideas, creating a fresh and exciting identity.’ - Grind on the Road


‘With the unveiling of their first album, Amongst Liars prove themselves much more than a potential major proposition. A release which easily surpassed expectations and hopes, even as high as they were, and quite simply left its indelible mark as one of the finest encounters of the year so far.’ - Ringmaster Reviews


‘If you only do one thing today, make sure you get listening to this awesome album! Best album of the year…? Quite possibly!’ – Deakin’


‘Not a lot of good things came out of 2020, but the formation of Amongst Liars proved that annus horribilis wasn’t a complete bust. Very much a product of their times, the South Coast collective combine the sexy big riffage of modern standard-setters like Shinedown and Royal Blood with a socio-political awareness that doesn’t often come with such mainstream-baiting sounds.’ - Loudhacker

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