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“A huge slab of rock that deserves stadium attention.”

BBC Introducing the South

'A South Coast supergroup of sorts, the four-piece peddle the kind of balls to the wall alt-rock that transcends genres and, when lodged in your head, is difficult to forget. Feeling both classic and contemporary, there’s enough going on to please even the most veteran of rock fans, while providing the opportunity of blowing the ears of a younger generation wide open – exciting stuff!'
Louder Than War


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'Amongst Liars are part of the new era of Modern Rock, they are vibrant, energising and entertaining. Drawing on personal experience and absorbing their environs we have a band with a heightened sense of responsibility and endeavour. It’s not easy facing your own inadequacies, but to harness the anxieties of a populace as your own is a competency many would never address. Their attitude and outlook match their activity and productivity as they have spent lockdown working tirelessly to bring us new music. The revolutionary rallying cry of ‘Black Days’ is testament to their efforts to eradicate injustice and promote fairness and inclusivity. It has been said and done before I know, but this approach with a fresh pair of eyes is necessary so that the message is never forgotten. Soon to be embarking on their first ever UK tour, suit up my friends, it’s going down!' Azra Pathan - Original Rock

'The new single “Over and Over” is a rampaging monster of a track, and a triumphant debut for British rockers Amongst Liars. The song is a bitter indictment against the numbing mind-control of technology and societal pressures to conform and be ‘productive’. The fantastic video accompanying the single shows the band facing off what appears to be their alter ego selves as they perform the song, really showcasing their intense energy and strong musicianship. I cannot wait to hear more from this phenomenal band.'  Eclectic Music Lover

'There are so many bands out there at the moment, but Amongst Liars stand out - and on musical

merit. All of their first five singles have attracted hundreds of requests. They have been voted Band

of the Month and finished 2020 as our listener choice South East Band of the Year. Their songs

are relentlessly good and they have natural momentum behind them. It’s rock music for today, the

lyrics speak for the issues we live with - and the music rebels, protests and yet unites all at the

same time.' GuyB, Editor and broadcaster, Great Music Stories

'A rousing slab of tenacious and powerful rock 'n' roll' - The Ringmaster Review

'Grand festival stages and biblical arena shows may be off the cards for the time being, but there are still bands making waves whose sound is deserving of them - and Brighton-based rockers Amongst Liars are certainly one of them! Coming from a city with a thriving local music scene, their sound blends elements of grunge, punk, and heavy rock, with swinging choruses and lyrics that are scything in their social commentary.' Turn it Up Louder

'Track of the day' - Rock and Roll

'For a group that’s been together for less than one year, Amongst Liars sound as musically accomplished as bands that have been playing together for years. The song borrows heavily from the institutions of heavy rock, grunge rock, and punk, with a barrage of hard riffs and a powerful, melodic chorus.' V13 Magazine

'Brand new Brighton band Amongst Liars have mastered that special art of blockbusting riffs, powerful vocals and engaging, melodic choruses that have you instantly hooked. Add to that tackling current issues such as the seemingly never-ending pandemic, ongoing political ineptitude, and fake news and we’re very much onto a winner.' Gig Radar

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Amongst Liars 2 (photo credit Andrew Cot
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